Over eighty residents, 42 comment cards, and 983 dot votes for goals and projects.

The second community meeting–held on October 16th at the Copernicus Center Annex–provided an opportunity for residents and local organizations to weigh in on the future of the Jefferson Park Station Area.  Issues of community character, transportation and economic development were presented and discussed around image boards spread throughout the Copernicus Center Annex and Lobby.

Ideas ranged from improving building facades to creating more open space for residents.  Attracting businesses to Jeff Park was a major topic.   Participants suggested creating a marketing campaign that local businesses could promote, and people discussed ideas to try and attract more entertainment to the area.  Community character was also a major topic and focused on ways to promote development that builds upon the strengths of the area and offers places people would want to spend their time with their families.  One transportation issue that received attention was about pursuing shared parking that could be used for events, stores and commuters.

The meeting started with opening remarks from Alderman John Arena who welcomed everyone to the second community meeting, encouraged participation in the evening’s interactive activities and highlighted the importance of working as a community to take advantage of the area’s strengths to create a more walkable destination area with restaurants, businesses and places to spend time.

Laura Wilkison reviewed outreach activities over the past summer – from the first Community Meeting on June 19 to Jeff Park Master Plan booths at Jeff Fest and the Farmers Market, as well as attending local meetings to solicit input.  She also presented the results of 967 people who had taken the survey – showing that 84% of respondents ranked transit access as being good or excellent, 67% of respondents indicating that pedestrian crossings are a high priority, and about half of respondents go out to eat and shop in Jeff Park each week.

After Scott Goldstein from Teska Associates reviewed the draft goals for the plan, everyone was encouraged to participate in break-out discussions around the room that were arranged into areas corresponding to Community Character, Economic Development and Transportation.  Residents could participate in the conversation, write down comments and place dots on goals and projects they thought were worth pursuing.  The items that received the highest number of dots included:

Community Character:

  • Street landscaping
  • Pedestrian-oriented lighting
  • Public outdoor space
  • Public winter gardenIMG_5485
  • Clear sense of ownership for every site


  • Shared parking
  • Make railroad crossings more welcoming
  • Drop-off area outside the Jeff Park Station
  • Safer crossings
  • Simpler road network

Economic Development:

  • Fill vacant storefronts
  • Build on existing business clusters
  • Live-work space
  • Existing multi-family housing
  • Theater / venue space

There was also an opportunity for people to lay out their vision for the future at three interactive map areas.   Two of the stations focused on what types of uses made sense on the vacant land between Milwaukee Avenue, Lawrence Avenue and Lipps.  The third area focused on making the street network safer where Foster Avenue crosses Northwest Highway, Milwaukee Avenue and Gettysburg Street.


The next step for the process will be to compile all of the information gathered through the outreach efforts and begin to layout specific recommendations and project ideas.  If you have additional thoughts and ideas, please submit them through the web site here.

In early 2018, the draft recommendations and projects will be presented back for public comment at the third Community Meeting.

Welcome to ACCESS JEFF PARK, the website for the Jefferson Park Station Area Master Plan. The plan will focus around the Jefferson Park Station Area in Chicago, home to the CTA Blue Line, Metra UP Northwest, twelve CTA bus lines, and three Pace bus lines. The plan will look at improving access for all modes of transportation and form a vision for complementary uses around the station to support local businesses and the character of the surrounding Jefferson Park community. The project is being led by the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development and Alderman John Arena, with support from the Regional Transportation Authority.

To get involved in the plan, we encourage you to:

  • Follow the website with this EMAIL SIGNUP to get all future project updates
  • Use the SHARE YOUR IDEA tool to provide a photo or a document that accentuates your ideas for Jefferson Park
  • Review RESOURCES, such as maps of the Project Study Area and Market Area
  • Read past project updates on the PAST NEWS page